Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Current obsession: Hudson Bay point blankets

I have been obsessed with Hudson Bay point blankets for the past year or so now, ever since I found myself in Woolrich, Pa. at the factory store and saw these beauties up close and personal. I kid you not, they literally took my breath away. Something about those three primary colors, accompanied by the purest green and neatly separated by stretches of cream is so viscerally appealing, the attraction is irresistible. Except for the fact that they're rather pricey, I would own these in every color and variation they come in.

My obsession was recently fueled by finding a four-point green Hudson Bay at my favorite vintage store in Salem. It was only $100 (a steal, compared to the full price for a new one) but with Christmas coming I couldn't let myself splurge on a vintage wool blanket I don't necessarily need, just desperately want. Plus, as pretty as the green one was, in truth I really want the multi-colored version.

We're currently considering some major updates to our guest room. I think a multi-colored point blanket might just have to be pinned to the inspiration board.

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