Monday, November 21, 2011

Finds: Decorative plate and creamer

I think I may have a problem: whenever I see a pretty plate, I have to buy it! Usually it's a little antique number from my favorite vintage stores but yesterday it was this black and white beauty from - surprise - Home Goods! I was there on a mission for a deep pie pan (planning to wow the family with this creation on Thursday from Martha Stewart Living). I don't often love the decor items there but for affordable kitchen wares, Home Goods cannot be beat.

Anyways, I stumbled across this lovely plate (the sticker says "Portobello by Inspire" but I couldn't find any info on the brand) and was immediately drawn to the graphic pattern. I'm planning to either add this to my growing plate collection on my kitchen wall or hang elsewhere as an art item. I'm a big fan of hanging plates as art and am planning a whole post on that very soon.

Next to it were a collection of lovely matching mugs, a kettle, and this pretty little creamer. I was tempted to buy up everything because it was all so pretty but restrained myself and just bought the creamer and the plate. Best part: the plate was $3.99, the creamer was $4.99.

Do you have any amazing Home Goods finds?


  1. I picked up the matching plates and bowls and have been searching for the rest of the set, but can't find anything on-line. Just wondering if anyone out there knows where it get them.

  2. I checked the HomeGods site and didn't find it there?

    Any help

  3. Hi there! I'm sorry, I'm not sure how to find out more about this set. I tried searching myself when I was writing this post but couldn't find anything about it online either. The only tip I have is to keep searching different Home Goods stores... or check eBay? Sorry I can't be more helpful!

  4. Thanks Shelley. I was directed to this site where I may be able to find them - don't see them there but there are over some 360000 plate patterns so maybe they're there somewhere.

  5. I see others are also haunted by Portobello by Inspire. There's a gray ikat pattern keeping me up at night. I need eight settings. Egads!

  6. i bought the grey Ikat pattern at home goods. service for 12! i was able to supplement it by finding things at tj maxx and marshalls. my question is are these dishwasher and microwave safe?

  7. Do you happen to have any extras? I also stumbled upon this set and my aunt seeing how much I loved them bought a set of 8 plates for us at Christmas. Today one was broken & I have no idea where to find another - I love the graphic pattern!

  8. I also purchased 3 gorgeous green and white plates at Homegoods and I'm obsessed with them but I can't find anymore :(

    I found out the brand name "Inspire by Portobello" is owned by Ultimate Products Limited. That's as far as I got, cause now I'm bored. It's the next persons turn to try and figure this out. Good Luck!