Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bathroom inspiration

Hello my dears! I hope you all had wonderful holiday vacations and are resting up for the new year ahead! I'm hanging at home this week, enjoying time with family, catching up with friends, and reading through some of the new design books I was lucky to receive for Christmas. More on them soon.

I spent some time today daydreaming about how I'd like to re-do our bathrooms if I had the chance (read: the money). Did you know the average American spends $11,000 on their renovated bathroom? Ouch!

On one hand, I'm drawn to the bold. Thick stripes, bright, colorful wallpaper, dark paint.

{Jenna Lyons design via Lonny Mag}

{Antonia Thompson via Lonny Mag}

{Steven Gambrel via Elle DECOR}

{Ethan Feirstein and Ari Heckman via Lonny Mag}

{David Cafiero via Lonny Mag}

On the other hand, there's something to be said for these clean, predominantly white, serene spaces.

{Kath Kidston via Lonny Mag}

{Angie Hranowsky via Lonny Mag}

{Jennifer Worts via Decor Pad}

{Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar via Lonny Mag}

{Cath Kidston via Lonny Mag}

{Via Pinterest}

I think I prefer the lighter look in my bathroom but the bold look packs quite the punch for a guest bath/powder room. Then there's the use of unusual elements in bathrooms which I just love. Like plants, fireplaces, chandeliers, furniture and other oddities.

{via Pinterest}

One common theme? Most of my favorite bathroom inspirations feature clawfoot tubs, tiled floors, and pedestal or console table sinks. Serene or bold, I suspect my future bathroom will have some or all of these elements.

What appeals to you in a bathroom? Do tell.

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  1. Then why don’t you mix them to have the best of both worlds? I’m sure you can put all these ideas into your dream bathroom! As for me, I like the idea of a white and black bathroom. Having a white tub and sink and playing with dark tones for the vanity and wall really works for me. Then, perhaps I’ll add a glass chandelier too. =)

    Herb Koguchi