Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lovely lucite

Though I don't personally own a morsel of it, I admit to being a total lucite lover. I know it's not for everyone but in small doses I think it packs a lovely "subtle yet strong" design punch. Don't believe me? Talk with me, walk with me, down a little path I like to call Lucite Lane.

In living rooms...

Love that it's a trunk!

In dining rooms...

As or with desks, tables and consoles...

Odds and ends...

Okay, admittedly, the crib may be a bit much, even for a lucite lover like me (that just seems dangerous). But, can you start to see the appeal of lucite accents? I love how in some of these rooms, they blend right in and let you experience the mood of the room unobtrusively. Then in other rooms it plays a larger, bolder role, just begging to be admired.

So, have I converted you to lucite (if you weren't in love already)? 

{All photos via Pintrest}

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