Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday design finds: 12.16.11

I'm officially starting a new feature here on design•zealot: Friday design finds, where we share beautiful design-related things we found on the Internet this week.

Ever since Google made it so I can't share stuff from my Reader (it all goes to Google+ now, which I am admittedly not a huge fan of), I've been collecting so many things that I'm just dying to share. Now I can! And you can too. I'll get the ball rolling, then you share links in the comments to other pretty stuff you found. Ready? Go!

Friday design finds

This amazing exterior renovation from Desire to Inspire.

This Marimekko giveaway from Crate&Barrel and The City Sage.

This peek into Jenna Lyons' (J. Crew Creative Director) workspace from My First Little Place.

These nostalgic 80s wooden ornaments from Old Brand New.
Crazy pretty new Nama Rococo wallpaper from Design*Sponge.

Beautiful office inspiration from Interiors Originals.

What inspired you this week?

Tell me in the comments below.
Have a happy weekend!

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